What Is A Cryo Cuff Knee System and How Does It Work?

What exactly is it and do I want just one?

A cryo cuff knee procedure (also referred to as a knee ice equipment or passive cold compression therapy unit) is made of three standard parts:

* The cooler – which you fill with ice and water
* The cuff – a sack which you wrap all around your knee
* The tube – provides the water circulation concerning the cooler as well as the cuff

Normally, a physician will check with you to buy a single of these models ahead of future knee surgical treatment due to the fact promptly following the operation you’ll probably encounter discomfort and swelling that may be relieved by cold compression therapy. They are also recommended for people undergoing physiotherapy for other (non-surgical) knee-connected problems for the reason that powerful physiotherapy classes can from time to time leave you emotion as in case you experienced just undergone surgery. The principle objective of this system is to offer compression and ice therapy, that will decrease a few of the suffering and swelling.

This information will give attention to the Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee Procedure because it is one of the most popular brands around, that makes it simpler to uncover alternative pieces and knowledge on them.

Differing kinds of AirCast Cryo Cuff Knee Units?

There’s two most important types:

* The gravity-based method – This is actually the reduced Price version where h2o flows from the cuff by elevating and lowering the cooler. Movement from the cooler also influences the compression on the cuff. The upper you increase the cuff, the greater strain (compression) you are going to feel.

* The IC pump procedure (or “AutoChill” process) – This system is a little bit dearer as opposed to gravity method mainly because it comes with a small electric powered pump which offers automated continuous cold drinking water move and in addition presents intermittent pulsating stress. Some declare that both of these further options permit for a lot less swelling and faster recovery occasions.

Equally devices can be found in 3 Grownup measurements. To find out what dimensions you’ll need, evaluate the circumference of your thigh approx. six inches higher than the middle on the knee cap, then seek advice from the next:

Modest – 10 to 19 inches (or twenty five to 48 centimeters)
Medium – eighteen to 23 inches (46 to fifty eight centimeters)
Substantial – 20 to 31 inches (fifty one to 79 centimeters)

How can we use an AirCast Cryo Cuff Knee Technique?

The program is simple to use. Here i will discuss action-by-phase instructions regarding how to established it up and use it:

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